Save With Our Service Center Specials

Maintain your Honda or another vehicle for less. We offer monthly service center specials at Dick Brooks Honda. This is your chance to save big and keep your vehicle in top condition. Discover why we are one of the top service centers in the Greenville area.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

When you maintain your vehicle, you ensure the long life of your car, truck, SUV, or minivan. Honda vehicles are designed to last well over 100,000 miles with proper maintenance. With our service center specials, you can save each time you visit our service center.

Complete Auto Service

Whether Simpsonville drivers need a major repair or a quick oil change, our service center provides a complete list of vehicle services. Our fully-staff service department has worked on all Honda models. They have the tools and the expertise to quickly take care of your vehicle and get you back on the road. Here's a look at some of the services that we offer. Don't forget to check for service center specials and coupons to save more.


Do you hear a strange squealing or squeaking sound when you come to a stop? Does your brake pedal feel spongy? Then you must have your brakes looked at. On average, brake pads last about 50,000 miles. If you think you are past due for brake pad replacement, then visit near Asheville, NC, us today. We offer compatible brake pads for all Honda vehicles. We can also check all other parts of your brake system including the anti-lock brake sensors, brake rotors and more.

Wheel Alignment

Did you hit a hard bump recently? Is your vehicle pulling to one side? Then you will want to get a tire alignment for your vehicle. A tire alignment will ensure that your vehicle rides true and will reduce overall tire wear. Our service center is often running specials and offering coupons on tire alignment service.

Oil Changes

The oil in your vehicle should be changed every 7,500 miles. This will ensure that the most important parts of your engine are protected and allows for better overall performance. Our service center is stocked with the top synthetic oils to ensure that you Honda is running its best. Plus, our service center will work quickly to get your oil change done.

Tire Service

Need new tires? Don't just settle on any tire center. Go with the service center that has the best compatible wheels for your Honda or another vehicle. We have a top selection of performance, all-season, all-weather, and snow tires. With our service center specials and coupons, you can enjoy some big savings on our quality new tires.

Battery Service

Is your vehicle having a hard time turning over when your startup? Are your vehicle's lights dimmer than usual? Is your battery light on? Then you may need to replace your battery. Most car batteries last about four to six years. Our service center specialist will be able to tell if the issue is a dying battery or corroded connectors.

Body, Paint & Glass Repair Services

Whether you have a scratch, dent, or a broken body panel, our service center team can work to make your vehicle look new. We have worked on all types of accidents and road damage repair. We are equipped to handle windshield replacements, body panel replacement, paintwork, and more.

Save With Our Service Center Coupons

Our service center coupons will allow Easley drivers to save each time you visit us. Since our coupons change each month, you will want to check our online coupons often to see how much you can save on your need vehicle service.

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Get top quality service at a lower price. Schedule an appointment at our service center at Dick Brooks Honda in Greer. We are ready to quickly service your vehicle at a low price. See us today.

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