What To Look Out For With Used Cars


Buying pre-owned may be a better fit for your budget, whether it's at a dealership or from a private seller, but there are some things to be cautious of. What should you look out for when considering a pre-owned vehicle? To find out, keep reading!


A few scratches or small dents are common on most used vehicles. Depending on your preference, these flaws may factor into your decision. But there are more serious issues to look out for, like rust, when looking at a pre-owned car. It's also smart to check that the doors and panels match, as well as the lights. Although these problems may appear insignificant, they can indicate bigger problems.


Similar to a few small dents or scratches on the outside, you might find some tears or scratches on the inside of a car. While small imperfections may not be a big deal, you should watch out for any broken instrumentation or sour smells, as these are indicators of bigger issues such as leaks or electrical issues.


While superficial or cosmetic flaws aren't usually cause for concern, mechanical issues can lead to bigger problems. When you start the engine, listen for any issues like a whining belt or slipping transmission. If you do find any mechanical problems, walk away from that vehicle. If you're unsure about a potential problem, you can also have a mechanic look at the vehicle.

Getting a Carfax report on a used vehicle is also a smart idea. At Dick Brooks Honda, we offer these reports on every used vehicle.


Found a used vehicle that's in pristine condition with no mechanical issues? Don't feel bad if you don't like the way the car handles. Simply disliking a vehicle is a totally legitimate reason to not purchase it! Be sure to test drive any vehicle you're considering to get a feel for how it handles.


Check a car's value on Kelley Blue Book to get an estimate based on that vehicle's year, mileage and condition to make sure you're getting a fair price.

If you have any questions about the used car-buying process or would like to test drive any used cars, please feel free to contact us or stop by Dick Brooks Honda at 14100 East Wade Hampton Blvd, Greer SC 29651. We look forward to serving our customers from Greenville and Spartanburg.